It's said to that Albion Online soon to be released, its details release news, and you can head over to: Commonly, Initially gamer are wondering more questions, they are always fulled with curious about gameplay itself. There are some Albion Online question and relevant answers. Hopefully you can get more new things.

Q1: Can People Visit Your Islands? Can You Invite Friends Or Guildmates?

Yes, you can set permission to your island to anyone you would like. When you first travel to your island, you will see a scroll attached to a post on the dock.  

Q2: Is Land Ownership Reserved For Guilds?

Land ownership is not reserved for just guilds. If you can find a plot of land that is not claimed and have the silver and fame to purchase it, you can create a guild for yourself and purchase it. Protecting it will be very hard though since fights for that territory are fought by 5 man teams. A multitude of gamers decide to buy cheap albion online gold by visiting UPAlbion.

Q3: Where Can You Build Stuff?

You can build stuff on your own island, on a guild island, in a city, or in a territory. Your own island is easiest since you only have to make the island. Guild islands can be bought for personal use or if you are part of a guild, you can use that. 

Q4: What Are Good Practices For Deciding On A Base Of Operations?

Decide on what you want to do in the game. If you want some PvP but want to see when large groups are moving though and have more protection, for for a Red city. If you want perfect safety and maybe try a little PvP without loosing any gear, go for a green city and travel to yellow for PvP. Why so many gamers plan on buying albion online gold? in fact, Albion is truly fascinating.