Mu Legend will bein beta on March 23th,2017, several new trailers was revealed by the game developer Webzen, similar Whisperer, Warmage, Dark Lord as well as Blader, each class's combat style and abilities also was demonstrated. If you want to know more specific details about  MU Legend, then check out:

Judging from the pace of previous global closed beta tests, according to related guess, international version will enter open beta around April. At present, the game has just started the second global closed beta. You can progress your character in 3 different aspects to gain power: Soul Level, the traditional character level, which provides additional stats and passive skills, and Account Level, which offers permanent boosts for all characters. guarantee that Cheapest Mu Legend Power Leveling for sale.

This Following is Mu Legend Key Features Details

The Arena – The Arena is a PvP battlefield. In it, you can have 1v1 battles against another player’s AI character. Challenge the Arena and test your strength.

Four Classes – Choose from the mysterious War Mage, exiled from society, or the fallen knights known as Dark Lords. Or, will you be the silent and cunning Whisperer, or the lethally skilled Blader?

Altar Of Spirits – Set in desolate ruins in a forgotten forest, Altar of Spirits is a team-based PvP zone. Matches are 5v5 to 10v10 affairs, and each team is tasked with capturing altars. Conquer more altars than the opposing team to reach the score limit first and win.

Lupa’s Labyrinth – Build up your strength to new heights, in Lupa’s Labyrinth. You can acquire and strengthen a new growth element, called “Relic”. Challenge the extreme difficulties of the labyrinth and strengthen your Relic. The higher the level, the more substantial the effects become.

Guild System – Create your own or join an existing one. You benefit more and more as your guild progresses. At a later stage, you’ll be able to get your own airship and experience new adventures in the coming content updates. You can create guilds in Ohrdor, the capital city. Once a guild is created, anyone can join via an NPC or the guild search function. More Features click here, gamers are expecting buy cheapest Mu Legend Zen at