Actually, Albion Online allow players to explore an open game world, what's more, by sieging, claiming and defending territories, players have chance to stake their claim on it. Speaking of its features, including extensive player-driven economy, the ability to develop and customize real estate and more. 

Until now Albion Online has already gathered more than 30,000 Founders who will be able to enjoy the beta for multiple months, significantly longer than the previous alpha tests. Players can get more cheap albion online gold to become a winner by visiting here:

But in this kind of game we need a glory system. People play this game to battle for glory, and PvP is certainly the most important one. Glory is one thing with the PvP ladder, but we need to have something better, like the control of very important objectives like relics, and castles. If you have any questions, you can free to contact us, we are pretty sure that our service will impress you and make you satisfied. 

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