As a sandbox MMORPG gameplay with a medieval theme, it's no wonder that albion online is extremely mystical. All in-game items and buildings are player made and the MMO is cross platform, Linux, Android, Mac, iOS, and Windows players altogether. You can enjoy so fun gameplay with the help of cheap albion online gold.

However, tools have durability, but do weapons and armor have it too? Can it be repaired when its weak, so it can basically last forever? If so, how is equipment eventually removed from the game? If its not, wont ‘rare’ items eventually become common, as the materials are farmed and the items are crafted, more will be in circulation all the time. 

Glory is one thing with the PvP ladder. But we need to have something better, like the control of very important objectives like relics, and castles. Every year, the game wipe and we all do it again, something like 6 months progression, 6 months end game. Albion PvP or PvE and more, you can keep it right here on:

At the end if the season, the guild will be ranked with point based on relics and castles holding. PvP ladder will permit to rank players based on their PvP achievements, with a GvG ladder and an open world one.

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